Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Carnation Flowers Collection

Pink Carnation FlowersPink Carnation Flowers

Yellow Carnation Flowers Yellow Carnation Flowers

These flowers can be grown in the outdoors with ideal temperature as well as in the indoors. The type of soil is also imperative for its growth, as it requires alkalinity in the soil where the ph level should be around 6 to 7.5 for ideal growth for this flower. Interestingly it is also worn during the examination time where white is worn for the first exam, pink for in between and red for the last exam. It is also the birth flower for the people who have been born in the month of January.

White and Red Carnation Flowers White and Red Carnation Flowers

Photos of Carnation Flowers Photos of Carnation Flowers

The white symbioses pure love where has the pink denotes for historical significance. Different colors in this kind of flowers reflect different kind of moods, for example, the light red reflects admiration while the dark red represents deep love and affection to the concerned person to whom this flower been dedicated. it also symbolizes love and gratitude f you want to show it to anyone especially to your parents. Carnation flower symbolizes sentiments and more often worn on the special occasion especially on mother’s day as well as the wedding. Its natural color is pink but through more hybrids and cultivars they were able to develop other colors like white, yellow as well as green and it is also the national flower of the country Spain.

Pictures of Carnation FlowersPictures of Carnation Flowers

Carnation is a type of flowering plant, which has its origin in the eastern parts of the countries and has been in existence of more than 2100 years.
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