Monday, October 4, 2010

Types of Freesia Flowers

Yellow Freesia Flowers Yellow Freesia Flowers

Due to their fragnence, they ar, etc.e often used in hand creams, shampoos, candles They are widely cultivated and readily increased from the seeds. Modern tetraploid cultivars also have flowers ranging from white to yellow, pink, red and blue-mauve. corymbosa.

White Freesia FlowersWhite Freesia Flowers

Numerous cultivars since have been bred from these species and the pink- and yellow-flowered forms of F. The species F.refracta, which was cultivated and crossed with F.leichtlinii in the 19th century are most common. They are garden plants popular and cultivated for their scented flowers. It is of the Order Asparagales and it of the Iridaceae family The larvaes of some Lepidoptera feed on freesias as food.

Orange Freesia Flowers Orange Freesia Flowers

Pink Freesia FlowersPink Freesia Flowers

The Division to which it belongs is Magnoliophyta and the Class is Liliopsida. They are herbaceous plants that grow from a corm which is 1 to 2.5 cm in diameter, and sends up a tuft of narrow leaves 10 to30 cm long, and a has a sparsely branched stem that is 10 to 40 cm tall having a few leaves and a loose one-sided spike of fragrant narrowly funnel-shaped flowers. The genus was given its name in honour of the german physician Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese (1795-1876). Of the 14 species, 12 are native of south Africa and the cape province and the remaining two are native of tropical Africa, and one certain species is found in areas extending from the north of equator to Sudan.

Purple Freesia FlowersPurple Freesia Flowers

Freesia or Ecklon ex Klatt is a genus of 14-16 species of flowering plants in the family Iridaceae, native to Africa.
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