Monday, October 4, 2010

The Best Pictures of Bittersweet Flowers

Bittersweet Flowers Photos Bittersweet Flowers Photos

It is a very low-maintenance plant. Sunlight and shade are both acceptable when growing this plant. The Bittersweet adapts well to moist soil, though the soil doesn’t have to be exceptional quality.

Bittersweet Spring FlowersBittersweet Spring Flowers

Bittersweet is also a main component in main natural medicines. Their purpose is for feeding birds and spreading the seeds of the plant to surrounding areas. In fact, the berries and fruits of the Bittersweet are poisonous to humans. These are usually no larger than the size of a malt ball but no where near as delicious.

Bittersweet Fresh FlowersBittersweet Fresh Flowers

Another byproduct of the plant is berries and fruits. Also, the petals of the flower are arranged in a five point star format. The purple of the flower is grouped with a yellow center. First, the Bittersweet grows a beautiful lavender flower that, when in bloom, brightens the ground below it.

Beautiful Bittersweet Flowers Beautiful Bittersweet Flowers

Exotic Bittersweet FlowersExotic Bittersweet Flowers

Although the Bittersweet is the most attractive plant, it produces a couple of other eye-pleasers. It sometimes thrives to the height of fourteen feet, but usually only to half that size. The Bittersweet grows fast and with/around other plants. Due to the plants great adaptation it has naturalized throughout the world. Native to Europe and East Asia, the Bittersweet grows in numerous settings such as marshes, wooded areas, and lowlands. The Bittersweet, Solanum dulcamara, is a flowering potato vine.
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