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Types of Zinnia Flowers

Zinnia Fresh FlowerZinnia Fresh Flower

Zinnia (Zinnia elegans) is a flower vases and other decorative planting and the ideal length of stalk annuals. It comes from white, red, rose, pink, many colors, yellow, orange, the color of your flowers you can choose a variety of purposes. Can easily grow in your garden you can all the different color combinations to add your garden beautiful and attractive landscape.
Before the start of your gardening, your request to set up your successful business zinnia garden.

Exotic Zinnia FlowerExotic Zinnia Flower

Soil. The best soil for Zinnia is a well-drained soils rich in organic matter. They are also booming, and in the soil is poor, but you should put some of your amendments to improve soil conditions and stronger plants and flowers.

Reproduction. Start your seeds sown in germination boxes or are you going to seed trays or directly into the flower of the conspiracy. However, for best results, sow seeds in trays of your indoor plants between them, the plot was a better plant spacing.

Beautiful Zinnia FlowerBeautiful Zinnia Flower

Once the plantlets are ready, they set the plot after the last frost and maintenance of water supply to the plant during the growing season soil moisture, until beginning to bloom. Plant species from the plant as you scale. Miniature varieties should be four to six times the distance mountain-inch, and those large species should be the interval between one to two feet of mountains.

Zinnia Flower PhotosZinnia Flower Photos

Factory management. When the factory has been set up in bed and fully established, placed around the base ward off weeds and soil moisture interrupted a number of cover material. To make your Zinnia produce more flowers, for a general purpose least once a month or as needed fertilizer. Your Zinnia will begin to bear the flowers during the summer until the frosts start.

When you see some dead flowers, remove them to encourage the breeding of new growth. For the giant, trim the branches long, to promote the growth of new branches.

Zinnia Flower PicturesZinnia Flower Pictures

Pest and disease control. Zinnia elegans is a hardy plant and pest-resistant attacks. If you look at some small infestation of pests and diseases, but simply to treat self-insecticidal soap, or along with the plant or insect repellent side. Fungicides also help control certain diseases, may attack plants.

Make your garden zinnia flower with many different color fill for you to use your flower arrangement items, such as weddings, birthdays, weight, trade unions and flowers to beautify the affairs of other parties for special occasions.
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