Friday, October 1, 2010

White Calla Flower Pictures

Photos of White Calla FlowerPhotos of White Calla Flower

There are certainly more variety, which grows in more regions the eastern, and the western parts. Thus calla also has a species namely CALLA PALUSTRIS though both are different from each other. These medicinal properties utilized only after adequate neutralization of the plant through various methods like grinding, leaching etc. They have a special medicinal property in the treatment of snakebites as well as to wound healings.

White Calla Flower For Valentine DayWhite Calla Flower For Valentine Day

White Calla Fresh FlowersWhite Calla Fresh Flowers

It also includes a number of other species, which grows in the tropical region and they have medicinal value to it, which helps in curing of colds as well as flu. The fruit is a cluster of rich berries, which actually contains more number of seeds into it. The one thing that needs a consideration or looked after in it is that the plants are extremely poisonous due to its acid content present in this plant and removed by leaching, grinding and boiling. The flowers formed in SPADIX, which is nothing but a group pf flowers in a narrow thickened axis. The height of these plants is normally 8 to 13 cm tall.

White Calla Flower For Wedding White Calla Flower For Wedding

Beautiful White Calla FlowerBeautiful White Calla Flower

It is a perennial plant, which mainly grows in ponds, and water bodies the leaves of this kind of plant are round in shape or heart shaped to it. It has its origin mainly in the cooler parts of the western region and some parts in the European countries. CALLA is type of a flowering plant, which comes in the family called the ARACEAE, which contains just the single species named callus.
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