Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pretty Pink Geranium Flowers Pictures

Fresh Flowers Pink Geranium

Exotic Flowers Geranium

Beautiful Pink Geranium Flowers for your home

Pink Geranium Flowers Pictures

Pink Geranium Flowers Images

Pictures of Flowers Pink Geranium

The simple care is definitely worth having these dazzling flowers The flowers also respond well to fertilizer. In addition, they must be watered regularly and the soil should be drained well. For these beautiful and useful flowers, about 4 hours of direct sunshine is needed for them to flourish and flower well. There is even a species named the “mosquito geranium,” that smells like citronella and is rumored to be a natural mosquito repellent!
These leaves of these flowers are used for potpourri, preserves, desserts, punches, vinegars, teas, and sachets. The scented-leaf geraniums are prized for these leaves, which scents include lemon, rose, peppermint, nutmeg, and several others. Geraniums are not only popular for their beauty, but also for their aromatic leaves. The seed-grown cultivars display vibrant petal colors such as lavender, multi-tonal pinks, reds, and white.
The zonal geraniums bloom with lush, vivid colors such as pink, red, salmon, or white. They include the zonal geraniums, seed-grown cultivars, ivy-leafed geraniums, scented-leaf geraniums, Marsha Washington geranium and the regal geraniums. There are several different types of common geraniums grown by home gardeners. The distinction is made by looking at the two flowers: the true geranium has symmetrical flowers, while pelargonium has irregular petals.
Common geraniums are actually members of the genus Pelargonium, while "true" geraniums include native wildflowers and herbaceous perennials. These flowers can grow in any soil that is not waterlogged, and are found throughout the temperate regions of the world. Geraniums are popular flowers that are well known for their wide range of brilliant colors and attractive leaves.
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