Friday, September 17, 2010

Azalea Bush Flowers Pictures

Orange Azalea Bush Pictures Orange Azalea Bush Pictures

Purple Azalea Bush PicturesPurple Azalea Bush Pictures

You can bring a soil sample to your local nursery Oak trees, pine trees and holly are best. This is because certain trees will turn the soil slightly acidic, which is necessary to grow azaleas. Planting azaleas under the shade of a tree is preferable. Evergreen and Japanese varieties, in general, need a lot of shade to do well.

Pink Azalea Bush PicturesPink Azalea Bush Pictures

Some will do well in direct sun, but most prefer shady areas. Azaleas generally grow well in warmer climates, although some will thrive in colder areas. But, with over 10,000 registered hybrids, you are sure to find a color and style that will look most beautiful in the space that you have available. Most North American azaleas are deciduous and drop their leaves in the fall.

White Azalea Bush PicturesWhite Azalea Bush Pictures

Beautiful Azalea Bush Garden Beautiful Azalea Bush Garden

If your azaleas will be part of a continuous display and you would like for them to stay green all year, you can try to purchase the evergreen variety as opposed to the deciduous type. Blooms will last a couple of months each time, depending on the weather, so using azaleas in your landscaping will produce a lot of color for a good part of the year. Most azaleas are spring bloomers, but some varieties will bloom in spring and again in the fall. It is known for blooming all at once, creating a burst of color that is rich, has a wonderful fragrance and is famous for its beauty and numerous blooms.

Exotic Flowers Azalea BushExotic Flowers Azalea Bush

When the azalea bush blooms, this is exactly what it produces. Nothing pops from your garden like a solid coat of flowers.
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