Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dahlia Flowers Collection

Orange Dahlia Flowers Pictures Orange Dahlia Flowers Pictures

Purple Dahlia Flowers PhotosPurple Dahlia Flowers Photos

They can be grown outside of these areas, but needs to be started off in In most temperate areas (ideal growing conditions are considered to be zone 8-10) they will flower profusely from July, right up until the first frosts in late October. The Dahlia flowers varies in size, ranging from Giant (25cm diagonal or above) over Medium (15-20cm diagonal) to Miniature (less than 10cm diagonal). The most popular flower types are the large cactus and semi-cactus Dahlia, but also the small pompom Dahlia are quite popular.

Red and White Dahlia Flowers PicturesRed and White Dahlia Flowers Pictures

Dahlia Flowers GardenDahlia Flowers Garden

Pink Dahlia FlowersPink Dahlia Flowers

You can get Dahlias that come close to these two colours - and are named accordingly - but they are not true colours. Actually, almost every colour under the sun has been covered - apart from black and blue. The Dahlia flowers of today originate from a relatively small genus of plants, with less than 40 species, which have been bred into tens of thousands of hybrids that offer a vast variety in flower sizes, colours and shape. There's many reasons for that - the main one being that you'll have to look long and hard to find plants that will pack a punch of colour, structure and delight that Dahlia Flowers will - and then they're easy to grow, even for the novice gardener. Initially they were grown mainly by the Aztecs in their native areas of Mexico and Guatemala, but since being discovered by European plant hunters in the late 1700's they have risen steadily in popularity. Dahlia flowers have been grown by keen flower gardeners across the globe for centuries.

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