Friday, September 24, 2010

White Clover Flowers Pictures

White Clover Flowers PhotosWhite Clover Flowers Photos

Two people can be standing in the same Our perception of external abundance is a choice of perspective. White clover call to us with this message of abundance in their sweet and gentle voice. There are many such reminders of infinite abundance all around us -- blades of grass, grains of sand, waves in the ocean, and, of course, stars in the sky. The number starts to seem infinite.

Exotic White Clover FlowersExotic White Clover Flowers

Beautiful White Clover FlowersBeautiful White Clover Flowers

It would be impossible to count all the clover blooming in the world at one time. It would be very difficult to count all the clover in a field, especially because each stem which appears to hold one flower in fact holds a flower head, an inflorescence of numerous individual clover flowers. In the flower world, this very common flower has an energetic message to help us feel into remembering the unlimited nature of abundance of all kinds: White Clover. Your potential sources of wealth are truly infinite. And, that is NEVER the case.

Fresh Flowers White CloverFresh Flowers White Clover

For example, in an employer/employee relationship, the employee can begin to look at the employer as their only source of financial abundance. When we connect with a strong specific source, it can be easy to forget about other sources and that these other possibilities are Infinite. Our Sources of abundance of all kinds are truly infinite. Isn't that the life we all want! Nice!

White Clover Flowers GardenWhite Clover Flowers Garden

It means to be in the midst of plenty, to live a luxurious and carefree life of ease, comfort, and prosperity -- even happy and lucky... "In the clover" is a centuries-old phrase.
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