Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aster Flowers For Same Day Flowers Delivery

Pink Aster Flowers PicturesPink Aster Flowers Pictures

Asters that Do not be surprised if that dense mound of purple flowers you bought last fall is an open plant this year. This can happen if they are overcrowded. Asters do not have many pests, but sometimes will be a victim to a powdery mildew if water is left on the leaves or if they go without for any length of time.

Types of Aster FlowersTypes of Aster Flowers

Purple Aster Flowers PhotosPurple Aster Flowers Photos

You need to make sure there is enough room between plants so they can get ample air movement. At this time you will need to give them water on a weekly basis so they will not dry out. The end of summer is usually the time when asters have a speedy growth period. Rich soil will help them flourish, so adding compost will help the soil and it will also act as mulch. Try planting your asters in full sun if you want them to thrive; most varieties like soaking up the rays of the sun all during the day.

Blue Aster Flowers ImagesBlue Aster Flowers Images

White Aster Flowers PicturesWhite Aster Flowers Pictures

Before planting, remember these three things: space, sun, and moist soil. You will want to check with your garden center or nursery for the hardiest aster plants for your region. There are several varieties and you will have a difficult time choosing the ones you want to grow. The aster is a perennial and easy to grow, even a beginning gardener will find them delightful to grow. Asters are just one of the beautiful fall flowers that turn a mediocre fall garden into a beautiful, colorful haven that is a reminder of late spring or early summer.
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