Friday, October 15, 2010

Types of Birds Of Paradise Flowers

Birds Of Paradise Flowers PicturesBirds Of Paradise Flowers Pictures

Birds Of Paradise Flowers PhotosBirds Of Paradise Flowers Photos

You need to make it wet and slightly dry before the next watering and amount of fertilizer in use have to be little. The plant should have a right mixture of both watering as well as the good fertilization. In order to have a good production of the flowers, it must be placed in the sunny or partly shaded, in which the species grows taller with larger flowers in it. The Birds of Paradise survive mostly on soils and are best in loamy soils with a good amount of drainage system.

Beautiful Birds Of Paradise FlowersBeautiful Birds Of Paradise Flowers

They have several varieties of flowers, which forms at the end of the stalk. These kinds of species have no scent at all. They can be grown in containers too when freezing temperature are expected outside. The blossoming season takes at least five to six years from the seed.

Exotic Birds Of Paradise Flowers Exotic Birds Of Paradise Flowers

Birds Of Paradise Fresh FlowersBirds Of Paradise Fresh Flowers

This flower has a spectacular blossom, the long stemmed flower are green boat shaped with some shades of red and purple and it is equally contrasted with some vibrant colors like blue and orange. They are trunk less, slow in growing and the leaves of these species are very much thick and waxy making it very attractive. The name comes from the resemblance of the shape of a flower to that of the birds peak and as well as the head plumage of the species. Birds of Paradise has its origin from South Africa and it is the most attractive and unusual member of the banana family.
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