Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Dog Rose Flowers Pictures

White Dog Rose Flower White Dog Rose Flower

As a result, many syrups or teas have extracts from the Dog Rose. It has high levels of both antioxidants and Vitamin C. The Dog Rose is not only beautiful, but it is a popular medicinal plant, too.

White and Pink Dog Rose FlowerWhite and Pink Dog Rose Flower

Pink Dog Rose Flower Pink Dog Rose Flower

This allows it to not have to rely on insects for this process. The Dog Rose flower is unique in that it is able to self-pollinate. Still, animals and insects target the plant for seeds and nutrients. Sharp pricks on the stem and vine allow the flower to grow through crowded environments and provide protection.

Red Dog Rose FlowerRed Dog Rose Flower

Dog Rose Flowers Garden PicturesDog Rose Flowers Garden Pictures

In these settings, its pink and white tones stand out on the flower as it soars up to 10 feet high and blooms between June and July. It can be grown in the United States, too, and thrives in climates and settings fit for shrubs. The Dog Rose flower (scientific name: Rosa Canina) is native to Asia, Europe, and Africa.
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