Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flower Delivery For Elderflower

Elderflower PicturesElderflower Pictures

The elderflower is well Studies have shown that taking antioxidants such as vitamin C before eating high fat foods, reduces the damage greatly to the arteries. Antioxidants are needed to help reduce the production of 'free radicals' (highly re-active and unstable molecules which contain atoms with unpaired electrons) in the body, high fat diets attribute to 'free radicals', but they are also produced naturally and especially in people who exercise heavily, attacking cells leading to long term damage and a higher risk of cancer.

Beautiful ElderflowerBeautiful Elderflower

We are all well aware now just how important anti oxidants and vitamin C are, and I do not mean only the ladies thinking about their skin and premature aging, but then maybe that is why through the ages women have always made and drank elderflower cordials and tea ritually, and is a staple product of the Women's Institute along with jams.

Types of ElderflowerTypes of Elderflower

Drinking a glass of cordial daily is very refreshing and will help to improve your health, and it is not just the flowers that are good for you but also the berries when made into wine have equal beneficial properties.

Elderflower PhotosElderflower Photos

The elderflower has been well known through the centuries for its high vitamin C content, antioxidant and healing properties, and because of this is today one of the top selling natural summer cordials.

Wild Elderflower PicturesWild Elderflower Pictures

The flowers are now in season and plentiful, and it is really easy to harvest and produce yourself. Hi everyone, today I have a great summer drink rich in Antioxidants which really are good for you, yes its the common elderflower.
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