Sunday, November 21, 2010

Types of Eglantine Flower

Purple Eglantine Flower Purple Eglantine Flower

Each flower is about one inch in diameter and has a total of five petals. One unique feature of the Eglantine rose flower is that it blooms only one time each growing season, which lasts from late spring until the middle of summer. Inside of the flower the stamens are yellow in color and are very noticeable.

Pink Eglantine Flower Pink Eglantine Flower

They have a very eye-catching bright pink color, thick petals and white centers. The flowers are small and are produced in clusters consisting of two to seven flowers on the shrub.

White Eglantine Flower White Eglantine Flower

Eglantine flowers have a pleasant scent and are used in many areas to produce rose water. Despite its popularity as an ornamental plant, it is considered in many areas to be an invasive species since it easily takes over the area it is planted in and pushes back native plant species.

Red Eglantine Flower Red Eglantine Flower

Wild Eglantine Flower PicturesWild Eglantine Flower Pictures

The Eglantine is native to many parts of Europe, western regions of Asia and some areas in northern Africa. Although it is naturally a shrub, the Eglantine rose can also be grown as a running plant. The Eglantine flower is a type of sweet briar rose that is unique since it is a wild species and not a hybrid species as most rose plants are.
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