Thursday, January 27, 2011

Types of Wood Sorrel

Bautiful Yellow Wood SorrelBautiful Yellow Wood Sorrel

Oxalis, commonly known as Wood Sorrel, almost no one of the most ugly weeds. On the contrary, the favor of many species in the garden, perennial beds, and their delicate, clover-like leaves, flowers and attractive. However, a species of Wood Sorrel, Oxalis PES, rattan, can in some cases, one of the most annoying weeds and difficult to eradicate.

Wild Yellow Wood SorrelWild Yellow Wood Sorrel

Oaks Aires has two properties, making it especially problematic. A network is a positive light bulbs, and its development, so ineffective, hand or mechanical weeding. Secondly, although most of the perennial weeds are active in the summer, the main growing season, Oaks Ellis is the winter. Why is this a problem?

Exotic White Wood SorrelExotic White Wood Sorrel

This is often the case that the need for treatment of perennial weeds systematic herbicide to eliminate them. The most appropriate systemic herbicide can be used to gardeners are those based on glyphosate and other pesticides. The trouble is, the systematic synthesis of attributes (ie ability to reach down to the roots) is the only effective in warm weather, when the weeds are actively growing. Taking into account the plant is mainly active in the cooler months of the year, so the bride and groom, in this case Oaks Aires and Roundup, "Miss" each other. Wood Sorrel is not a disaster in all cases. If it grows in a small garden, hand weeding as a part of routine maintenance, will not eliminate weeds, but to maintain reasonable control. As mentioned earlier, the plant is not unattractive.

Wild White Wood SorrelWild White Wood Sorrel

Serious infections can be more annoying lawn, unless the pruning carried out very frequently - say every three days or so. If poverty is the goal, then you can apply a selective herbicide to poison the broad-leaved plants (such as wood sorrel) and then, without prejudice to the lawn. The trouble is, this type of herbicide, which is based on the terrible 2 - 4 - ð, very easy to evaporate, and by doing so may seriously damage nearby plants, including those in adjacent properties. Although their use may be reasonably safe place not near the plant, the average private garden, then they may be very dangerous.

Wild Violet Wood SorrelWild Violet Wood Sorrel

But no doubt Oaks Aires to carry itself as a harmful weeds, planting gardens in the region be low. If the growth and ground cover, it is almost impossible to get rid of without prejudice to the requirements of plants. Therefore, it is very important to remove Oaks Aires before planting. However, this is worth keeping in mind the unhappy case of the bride and groom who found that they suited each other!

Wild Purple Wood SorrelWild Purple Wood Sorrel

How you should do, for example, in the summer, if you plan to grow to embrace the plant, the soil may contain Oaks Leith light bulb? The answer is to wait for winter, wood sorrel weed germination, and then put them with the selective herbicide, it is not as comprehensive coverage, in the cool weather is valid. Needless to say, this work should be carried out only a qualified professional.
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