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Types of Yarrow Flowers

Beautiful Yarrow FlowerBeautiful Yarrow Flower

Yarrow is used to ward off evil place, and even people. It grants protection and courage worn to attract friends and loved ones. Dry, used in wedding bouquets, which guarantees at least seven years of love. Reference can be traced back many thousands of Yarrow. Yarrow contain fossil pollen found in the 60,000-year-old Neanderthal burial caves. It is said that Achilles used this herb dressed the wounds of the Trojan War, so it's botanical name, Achillea millefolium. The herb continues to be applied to battlefield injuries, the American Civil War, 3000 years later. Use of its war time vulnerary caused by Arrow is called "grass militaris", the army of herbs, in early Europe. Other nicknames include Yarrow "bloodwort" and "bloody nose." "Millefolium" refers to the thousands of crushing the leaves and that leaves Yarrow. Predict the future of ancient Chinese law based on the Book of Changes, one of the Confucian classics era (551 - 479), using 50 dry, depriving Yarrow stems. These are all into the air and the significance of the model because they formed after the fall. The herb's common name comes from Anglo-Saxon word, "gearwe", which will clear things, such as "Yawraway".

Pictures of Yarrow FlowerPictures of Yarrow Flower

This is a "Achillea" includes more than 80. If you refuse to join the weeds and exotic plants in the herb garden, the monotony of white and pink flowers, you'll be glad to learn that recently, breeders enhance the color range of herbs, including cloves, crimsons and clear white . These improved varieties, generally no more than the invasive species, but may revert to the latter, if you can go to seed. Hybridization of wild and cultivated yarrows freely. Richter 2000, the catalog lists the following varieties: standard, preferred type of medicine, Metz, the spicy aroma of oriental spices, the moon, the best varieties for drying; red; Sneezewort, clean-up traditionally used as a snuff nasal congestion; wool, low mat forming species golden flowers (this is especially Yarrow will rot if it is not good drainage), and yellow, a tall variety - up to 5 feet - large yellow flowers. Yarrow is easy to grow from the seeds of growth, and soil at the edge of the wet ground and exceptions. In fact, the manure or fertilizer, or too much shadow, will lead to the development of weak stems. This herb likes full sun in slightly acidic soil, although a few species like the higher pH. Yarrow is a perennial hardy in the 3-9 zone in winter and thrive better with cool nights. It will attract many species of butterflies to your garden, with little ladybugs and parasitic wasps prey aphids. In addition, Yarrow discarded in your compost pile will accelerate the decomposition.

Exotic Yarrow FlowerExotic Yarrow Flower

Standard Arrow can train for a lawn. It can withstand light foot traffic, and ultimately choking the weeds. Three times a year should be trimmed to prevent flowering. Sown in late summer or spring, with half a pound per plant code. Spread evenly and press lightly into a ready to use rollers. Do not use chemical fertilizers. Yarrow in the wisdom of traditional healing wounds has been verified as current research. More than 82 pharmaceutical compounds have been found in herbs. Achilleine works as a hemostatic (blood clotting agent) and astringent. A study published in Germany in 1994 found that plant-based drugs, chamazulene inhibition of leukotrienes in the formation of the Arrow, which cause inflammation. Another German study published in the June 1995 Arzneimittelforschung found that flavonoids in yarrow (for plant pigment) helps the body to produce prostaglandins, chemicals, control of smooth muscle contraction. When taken orally, making it a useful herb yarrow to reduce gastrointestinal diseases, including diarrhea, bloating and cramps. According to the German Commission E, Yarrow's antispasmodic qualities make it particularly useful in the treatment of menstrual cramps. Yarrow is anti-bacterial, contains salicylic acid, aspirin's active ingredient. To reduce fever, and the combination of yarrow flowers with the old, mint, Boneset, pepper and ginger. In order to lower blood pressure may be a combination of hawthorn, linden flowers, and the European mistletoe. These herbs can be taken internally as a tea or tincture. To make yarrow tea, steep one tablespoon of dried herbs cup of boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Strain and drink three cups a day of gastrointestinal problems, fever, hemorrhoids, or bruises, or drink three cups a slow heavy menstrual bleeding. For toothache, and minor cuts and burns, local application of tea.

Amazing Yarrow FlowerAmazing Yarrow Flower

In response to cold, to make tea with mint, yarrow and elderflower. With equal amounts of all three ingredients. A teaspoon of dried herbs into the mix - twice, if you use fresh herbs - and allow it to steep in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Drink three cups a day. If you can catch a cold early, you will find that this is a very effective remedy. Yarrow is a non-toxic, but the allergy is a common herb and sensitivity appears to increase with use. Even a simple tea contains yarrow can cause mild skin rash and increased light sensitivity. If these symptoms should stop using it.
Because of its potential as allergens, yarrow appropriate, should be used in the kitchen. Its leaves and buds with a mellow, sage-like taste, may be added to the wild salad and soup. Mace Yarrow (Achillea decolorans) is a species and food attraction. The narrow, sharp teeth green leaves have a unique aroma of nutmeg or mace. Small leaves, chopped, plus a welcome spicy soup, stews, salads (especially potato salad) and cheese dishes. Yarrow is a long-term arrangements and wreaths of dried flowers pop. Yellow flowers yarrows for years, especially with the least decline. Do the new varieties of dried and faded pastels, but the resulting soft colors are still beautiful and popular arts and crafts lovers.
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