Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Types of White Water Lily Flowers

The first image in mind when it comes to Lily, its elegant white lily fragrant, delicate petals image purity, happiness and peace. All ancient cultures around the world have associated white lilies with God and spirituality. The most prominent of the fable, all with white lilies and motherhood. According to Greek mythology, the lily and milk, flowers sprang the goddess Hera, the Queen of Heaven. A similar story is found in Roman mythology where the lilies, originated in the milk is said to Juno, Queen of the gods. Our Lady of the white lily flowers associate Christianity as a symbol of purity, Immaculate consumption. It also refers to the resurrection of Christ, even Christ himself, the Easter lily symbolizes hope and life, joy and celebration.

Amazing White Water LilyAmazing White Water Lily

Wild White Water LilyWild White Water Lily

Beautiful White Water LilyBeautiful White Water Lily

Elegant White Water LilyElegant White Water Lily

Exotic White Water LilyExotic White Water Lily
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