Monday, February 7, 2011

Types of Witch Hazel Flowers

Beautiful Yellow Witch Hazel FlowerBeautiful Yellow Witch Hazel Flower

Witch hazel or Hamamelis beautiful plant adds a rich color and flavor, winter / spring garden. Bare stems in late winter flowering plants / early spring shades of yellow, orange and red and their spiders, flowers, produce significant diffuse intoxicating perfume. In accordance with the leaves blossom, and provide a magnificent display of the same in the fall. This plant does provide year round interest and value for the money.

Exotic Red Witch Hazel FlowerExotic Red Witch Hazel Flower

Witch Hazel is very easy to plant growth, they will repay you fully established. When you buy your plants, you should always try to move it to its final position as long as you can. If you can not immediately plant you should try to make your plant roots moist and store in a cool, bright room, until the plant is possible.

Amazing Yellow Witch Hazel FlowerAmazing Yellow Witch Hazel Flower

When planting witch hazel said that this is the ideal location, very sunny, bright, although the plants can tolerate some shadow. Plants placed in the deeper shadows become weak, insufficient production growth. Witch hazel to help add structure to the back or middle of the wall boundary and fans can also make the training a very attractive feature. If you want to increase your seed in a container, you should always ensure regular watering, it is necessary to prevent them from drying and the Fed's.

Images of Wild Orange Witch Hazel FlowerImages of Wild Orange Witch Hazel Flower

Witch Hazel will grow in a wide range of soil types and conditions, but they always need good drainage. You can improve your soil with God over the preparation and digging with a garden fork or shovel, add plenty of organic matter, as you go. Ah rotting garden compost, leaf mold or a multi-purpose compost is sufficient. A slightly acidic to neutral pH, is the ideal, you can check your soil pH, and soil test kits, if you are concerned that you may not have the required pH. Cover the annual spring application of organic matter to further improve soil structure, maintain moisture and feed plants.

Types of Red Witch Hazel FlowerTypes of Red Witch Hazel Flower

Since plants grow slowly, generally require little maintenance witch hazel or pruning. Plants in their daily lives the first year after planting to ensure that they do not dry out, they have the right to establish a good condition. You should, but be careful not to over water plants. Apply fertilizer during the growing season and the intervals are generally covered in the spring. Pruning should be light, if necessary, only death, illness or transit timber should be deleted.

Types of Orange Witch Hazel FlowerTypes of Orange Witch Hazel Flower

If you find a new growth out of your factory base, it is likely more and more, these are the sucker directly from the source. Delete these, because they seem because they are not desirable, is not characteristic of the plant you choose will eventually weaken your plant.
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