Sunday, March 20, 2011

Types of Sunflowers

Flower Delivery For SunflowerFlower Delivery For Sunflower

Sunflower is very easy to grow, require little more than measuring the growth of other flowering plants. If you have set your heart grow sunflowers in their garden, then you need to follow the following things. Sunflower prosecute first you need to grow. This is a common situation, people choose this flower varieties and growth, while in their own gardens.

Exotic SunflowerExotic Sunflower

However, you can grow a single species. Italian white varieties such as about 4 feet high, is the cream-colored flowers. Music Box is a dwarf, and the variation of the sunflower butter yellow petals. Autumn Mix is ​​a little high about 6 feet, and their color is dark yellow rust. There are other varieties with higher than this, they grow to a high of about 10-15 feet

Sunflowers GardenSunflowers Garden

So when you decide the variety of their personal collection of seeds and plants 1 to 1 ½ inches deep in soil. Remember that plants the seed in such a place, they have access to the most sunlight. Must be planted 5-6 inches apart from each other.

Beautiful SunflowersBeautiful Sunflowers

Add a small amount of humus or peat soil, it is absolutely beneficial to the growth of the sunflower. Remember to water the soil regularly, until the small sunflower seed germination and pop them. Seedlings germinate and grow into new sunflowers to the maximum of one to two weeks. You will see, during this time will try to harm birds and insects, flowers.

Fresh SunflowerFresh Sunflower

So, you can add a network (that is, let the sun into) in the flowers, so that it remains safe. You can also add a thin wall near the sunflowers, because they need to support the fight against the blowing wind. So, now you are ready to sunflower in full bloom.
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