Monday, March 7, 2011

Types of Sweet Potatoes Flowers

Beautiful Sweet Potatoes FlowersBeautiful Sweet Potatoes Flowers

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes: The best time is in the growth of sweet spring. The plant is spread with a single root of this vine is the growth of potato buds or eyes. In order to start the vine, you have to sweet potatoes and water into a container on top of it only being exposed to water.

Sweet Potatoes Fresh FlowersSweet Potatoes Fresh Flowers

Holding it in place, you can place in the toothpick so it does not slide into the container, but stored in an upright position. For the mouth of the container should not have too much sweet potato is greater than itself. In a few weeks, you will find it is like the stem growth of sweet potato vines.

Sweet Potatoes GardenSweet Potatoes Garden

As these stems are very fragile, you will have to tie them with a stake. Once the vines are pinched in the water that can replace them or will they grow into the soil. This will produce more sweet potatoes can be dug up later.

Pictures of Sweet Potatoes FlowerPictures of Sweet Potatoes Flower

Sweet potatoes grow best in sunny areas is bright, in need of care, the way you will take care of the factory. Fertilizer should be applied to the plants once a month. These plants should be placed in the soil at least a foot outside, and better still a ridge, which is by 8 inches high. This helps to better and live in the dry and warm.

Exotic Sweet Potatoes FlowerExotic Sweet Potatoes Flower

Surrounding area can cover the black plastic film covering which helps store the heat from the sun warm the growth of plants is necessary. The line should be in a distance of at least 3 feet of grape growth and spread a lot. Watering the plants should not be in a few weeks ago, they were removed, as this will damage the roots.
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