Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Types of Ipomoea Violacea Flowers

Red Ipomoea Violacea Red Ipomoea Violacea

Ipomoea violacea is a perennial species of Ipomoea (morning glory), in the tropical regions, growth in coastal areas. This is the most common so-called 'beach Moonflower'or'Sea Moonflower' as the flowers open at night. The seeds contain a variety of Ipomoea violacea indole alkaloids and action similar, but weaker than that of LSD, for this reason, the Association of Central America has long been used to prepare hallucinogenic infusion.

White Ipomoea Violacea White Ipomoea Violacea

Ipomoea violacea is found in coastal areas of tropical Africa, South and Central and Polynesia America, Asia, including the Caribbean, Western Europe and southern Mexico, Guatemala, Ghana, Kenya, Seychelles and Tanzania. It grows in the wild at an altitude of 100 meters, but also in the garden planting seeds.

Blue Ipomoea Violacea Blue Ipomoea Violacea

Ipomoea violacea the flowers have a trumpet-like shape and a variety of colors, including white, red, purple and blue. The leaves are heart-shaped, with almost equal length and width of 8-16 cm. They are attached by a thin, about 10 cm long petioles as meat, no hair dry. Flowers are usually single, about 10 cm long.

Purple Ipomoea ViolaceaPurple Ipomoea Violacea

The stem is 0.7-7 cm long stalk is 1.5-3 cm long. Seed coat is 2-3 cm long, oval-shaped, with two cells. It opened up a four valve, releasing four pubescent, slender, avant-garde black seeds, about 1 cm long. Seeds have a narrow ridge and 3-6 mm long hair.

Pictures of Ipomoea Violacea SeedsPictures of Ipomoea Violacea Seeds

The plant requires a lot of light, water and warm climate. May seed germination and development of 6-14 days after sowing; optimum temperature for germination of 18 ° C in the flowering season is from July to October.
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