Thursday, July 14, 2011

Types of Rafflesia Baletei Flowers

Rafflesia Baletei is a parasitic plant species of the genus Rafflesia. It is endemic to the Philippines. This variety is the first collected in 1991 by Bicolano mammalogist Danilo S. Balete mountain Isarog, initially thought to be Rafflesia manillana. It is only the Philippines in 2006, scientists confirmed the identity of this new species, named it in honor of Balete. After the establishment of the identity of this species, re-discovered a new population at Mount Isarog and mountain Iriga.

Rafflesia Baletei PhotosRafflesia Baletei Photos

Rafflesia Baletei SpeciesRafflesia Baletei Species

Amazing Rafflesia BaleteiAmazing Rafflesia Baletei
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