Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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No need to This dragon was really all-powerful and only destruction was left after its coming. In ancient China, at a time where mystical beasts were wandering the land, one was particularly feared and that was the dragon Ryu (its name may vary depending on the folklore legends ). Just like many of the flowers now found in Europe along with other western countries, the rose was first imported from Asia. Now, you may wonder why the red color of the rose became the representation of love, so let's go back a bit in time and discover more about what happened centuries ago.

Red Rose for Valentine FlowersRed Rose for Valentine Flowers

Love Flowers Red Rose Love Flowers Red Rose

Pictures of Flowers Red RosePictures of Flowers Red Rose

Thus, any rose would make a good romantic present but for one to offer a red rose is without a doubt to make a declaration of love! While roses in general are related with love and romance, every rose color do have a unique and particular meaning. An additional fascinating fact about the red rose is that it is recognized by all as the emblem of love, regardless of their ethnicity or belief. In fact, the presence of the red rose in our life is so strong that if you ask anybody, and I really mean anyone to close their eyes and picture a flower in their head, you can be sure that it is the image of a red rose! Its presence is felt and seen everywhere in any kind of art form, be it poetry, painting, and photography. The red rose is more than just a flower, it indeed has become the representation of love.
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