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John Bartram, the father and travel companion of William Bartram, made their research trip to East Florida, Carolina, and Georgia partly to investigate resources and plant inventories abandoned by Spaniards to the English as These objectives were reported according to William Bartram in his book, Travels, that was published in 1773, 40 years later. In order to enable the settlers with self sustaining food reserves, a plan was developed by General Oglethorpe to introduce trees and plants for growing both in temperate and subtropical climates that would prove valuable for future farms and fruit and nut tree orchards in Georgia. Fort Frederica at Saint Simons Island, Georgia, was established by the English colonists in 1733, at the same time the city of Savannah was settled.

Flower Names White PearFlower Names White Pear

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these are a large course (coarse) fruit for baking" and old French pear variety. On March 30, 1763 the famous American, George Mason, made an entry into his extensive orchard journal: "grafted 10 black pear of Worchester from Collo... English records show that in 1629 "stones of pears were sent by the Massachusetts Company to New England" colonists to plant and grow into trees at Plymouth, MA. The ancient pear tree of Europe was fundamentally different from the Asian pear tree, Prunus pyrifolia.

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It is believed that the pear was known by prehistoric man, but there is no agreement on whether the apple came first or the pear. There is convincing archeological evidence from the excavation of the ancient lake dwellers in Switzerland that the European pear, Pyrus communis L., was known by that civilization.
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