Monday, October 25, 2010

Types of Dogwood Flowers

White Dogwood Tree Flowers PicturesWhite Dogwood Tree Flowers Pictures

While still in the pail of water squeeze the seeds between your fingers to separate the seeds At that time soak them in a pail of water to further soften the pulp. Once picked, let them sit for a week or so, until the pulp begins to soften. Don't let them fall to the ground, the chipmunks, birds and other critters love them, and usually eat them as fast as they fall.

Pink Dogwood Tree Flowers Photos Pink Dogwood Tree Flowers Photos

If they don't pop right off when you grab them, they are not quite ready, give them another week or two. Ripe seeds can be removed easily. When the seeds are fully developed they will begin to fall from the tree, and at that time you can begin to pick them. Don't pick them too early or the embryo will not be fully developed and they will not be viable. By late summer the seeds begin to turn red, which means they are just about mature.

Pink Dogwood Flowers Pictures Pink Dogwood Flowers Pictures

White Dogwood Flowers PhotosWhite Dogwood Flowers Photos

It's a slow process that takes all summer. Dogwood trees begin producing seeds right after the petals drop from the flowers. The only predictable way to grow a Pink Dogwood, Red Dogwood, or one of the beautiful Dogwoods with variegated leaves, is to bud or graft the desired variety onto a White Dogwood seedling. It doesn't matter if you collect the seeds from a White Dogwood or a Pink Dogwood, the seedlings are likely to be white. Flowering Dogwood trees can be easily grown from seed, however 99.9999% of the seedlings that sprout will be Cornus Florida, which is White Flowering Dogwood.
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