Monday, November 1, 2010

Black Bryont Fresh Flowers Pictures

Black Bryont Flower PhotosBlack Bryont Flower Photos

The plant grows best in clay or sand-like soils. The flower blooms from May to June, as long as the necessary pollination from insects is adequate. When human skin makes contact with the plant, skin irritation and rash is common.

Black Bryont Flower PicturesBlack Bryont Flower Pictures

It would not be wise to inspect the flower closely, or even worse, to eat the red berry because a high level of saponin throughout the plant make it dangerous and poisonous. Native to Africa, Western Asia, and Europe, the Black Bryont flower has a scientific name of Dioscorea communis.

Beautiful Black Bryont FlowerBeautiful Black Bryont Flower

Types of Black Bryont FlowerTypes of Black Bryont Flower

The plant is mostly green and yellow in color, with the exception of a red berry about a centimeter in diameter. Instead, it is a herbaceous plant that is known to quickly climb its way across structures, and spread rapidly in a flower bed or forest ground. The Black Bryont flower is not black, nor does it have a colorful flower.
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