Monday, November 15, 2010

Types of Cornflower

Blue Cornflower PicturesBlue Cornflower Pictures

It has been called such names because it would Sometimes, it has also been called blunt-sickle or hurt-sickle. It is usually called blue bottle, knapweed, star thistle, and bachelor's button. Cornflower also has several common names. Then, to his surprise, she miraculously changed him into a cornflower.

Purple Cornflower PhotosPurple Cornflower Photos

According to the teachings and beliefs of Russians, a young gentleman named Basil was enticed by a lovely fairy to come into the cornfield. It is called Basil's flower or basilek. Aside from its Latin names, cornflower is also called differently in Russia. When he was found dead in a cornfield by the goddess Flora, she magically transformed him into a cornflower.

Beautiful Cornflower GardenBeautiful Cornflower Garden

He prefers to put on blue clothes and would cover himself with cornflowers. Cyanus adored and admired the blue color. The name was given to pay tribute to Cyanus, who was a good-looking youth from the Greek mythology. The second name, cyanus, indicates the radiant blue color of the cornflower. Fortunately, Chiron applied cornflower and it cured his wound.

Pictures of Purple CornflowerPictures of Purple Cornflower

The wound would have been serious. Hercules was the perpetrator behind it. According to one particular legend, Chiron was hit in the heel with an arrow that had been immersed in a lethal Hydra poison. In Greek mythology, he is a prominent herbalist. The first name, Centaura, refers to a centaur, Chiron.

Photos of Blue CornflowerPhotos of Blue Cornflower

It is a Latin name that refers to two different Greek myths regarding this plant. Its proper name is Centaura cyanus. Cornflower is a lasting and radiant blue flower that is an excellent choice to grow in an herbal garden.
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