Saturday, November 13, 2010

Types of Crocus Flowers

Yellow Crocus FlowersYellow Crocus Flowers

Grass cuttings, leaves Be sure to plant your crocus bulbs under half an inch of soil in shallow holes. A protected, sunny flowerbed is preferable. It is also advisable to plant them where there will be little to no disturbance throughout the winter, and plant them away from small animals that might take them as food, such as squirrels, mice and rabbits. When planting crocuses outdoors, the best time to plant bulbs is in the fall when the weather is cool.

White Crocus FlowersWhite Crocus Flowers

Crocuses do well with full exposure to sun and can grow in poor to average soils, if the soil is well drained. Crocuses can be planted both indoors and outdoors, in either flower beds, borders or containers.

Purple Crocus Flowers Purple Crocus Flowers

Other common species of crocus are crocus chrysanthus, which is one of the first to bloom in late winter or early spring, crocus sieberi, which is also fairly short and blooms very early, and the crocus tommasinianus, another early bloomer that comes in various shades of purple.

Crocus Flowers PhotosCrocus Flowers Photos

The most commonly planted crocus is the Dutch Crocus, also known as the crocus vernus, which also has the largest bloom. The crocus plant has over 80 species, about 30 of which are raised commercially.

Crocus Flowers PicturesCrocus Flowers Pictures

A member of the iris family, the crocus is a hardy plant that commonly blooms in the spring, with the exception of a few species of crocus that bloom in the fall. A crocus is a well loved perennial flower that grows that grows to be 3 to 6 inches tall with yellow, purple, lavender and white cup shaped blooms.
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