Friday, April 15, 2011

Types of Ageratum Houstonianum or Floss Flower

Flower Delivery For Floss FlowerFlower Delivery For Floss Flower

Ageratum Houstonianum better known as the Floss flower plant belongs to the Asteraceae family or the Daisy family. Their annual flowering plants. The floss flower bears soft fluffy flowers, with several small flowers close to each other forming beautiful bunches.

Beautiful White Ageratum HoustonianumBeautiful White Ageratum Houstonianum

They come in dwarf varieties, and high variety. Some varieties of flowering plants of floss is used for decorative purposes, planted in pots and keep indoor plants. Flossing is also widely used as the edge of flowering plants, because they greatly add to the beauty of the flower beds and gardens as a whole.

Exotic Purple Ageratum HoustonianumExotic Purple Ageratum Houstonianum

Floss flower planting flowers in summer. Dental floss to the flower color from blue, purple, pink and white. Attractive flower fragrance. Floss flower plants grow to a height of 15-60 cm. To plant the seeds from the flowers, in fact, each flower is a rich source of seeds.

Romantic Pink Ageratum HoustonianumRomantic Pink Ageratum Houstonianum

Seed germination usually takes a month. Distance of 6 "must be maintained between plant species and in the case the case of short-range variety is the best height of about 12"to ensure healthy plants bear attractive flowers.

Amazing Blue Ageratum Houstonianum Amazing Blue Ageratum Houstonianum

Must keep the soil well drained, moist, fertile. Occasionally, to ensure the health of plants provide fertilizer and good-looking bearing beautiful flowers. Warm climate conditions are suitable for ornamental plants to floss. It is best to keep plants trimmed, cut off all spent flowers.
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