Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flowers of Ipomoea Batatas

Exotic Ipomoea BatatasExotic Ipomoea Batatas

Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) are not actually a tuber, but a storage root. Potatoes Have 5 Growth Stages:

I. Sprout Development:
In the growth stage, the eyes on a piece, you will develop tuber sprouts, push through the soil. These root sprouts and then in its development.

Beautiful Ipomoea BatatasBeautiful Ipomoea Batatas

II. Vegetative growth:
The second stage is the growth of potato vegetative growth stage, when the growth of leaves and stems of potato sprouts from the nodes along. Below ground, root and stolon development. Start of photosynthesis, the process will eventually produce extra starch, will be stored in your potatoes.
Growth stage and second stage between the last 30-70 days, depending on the environment and species.

Ipomoea Batatas FlowersIpomoea Batatas Flowers

III. Tuber Initiation:
In the third stage of growth, the formation of new tubers stolon tip. Tubers do not expand at this stage, occur at the same time to start flowering in many varieties. This is particularly important at this stage, your potatoes get a stable water supply.

Sweet Ipomoea BatatasSweet Ipomoea Batatas

IV. Tuber Bulking:
Tuber growth began to expand in the fourth phase, which is known as tuber expansion. At this stage, the accumulation of the potato plant moisture, nutrients and carbohydrates. This is stored in the tuber, usually they grow larger size 5-15. Tuber expansion for up to three months.

Amazing Ipomoea BatatasAmazing Ipomoea Batatas

V. Maturation:
In the mature stage, the potato vines turn yellow and lose their leaves, and eventually death. Reduced photosynthesis, tubers slowdown. Maximum of dry matter contained in the tubers, tuber skin "set"or become less vulnerable (skin set has no "new potatoes"is preferred so many gardeners, when the potato skin is very fragile, and even paper).
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